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5 stars
  • “Barbara will always have a special place in my heart for the outstanding service her and her staff provided to my me and my family at a very low point in our life.”

    B. Davis
  • “Ms. Cusumano was very professional, and thorough the whole way.”

    A. Jackson
  • “I highly recommend Barbara Cusumano to anyone who needs a bankruptcy attorney.”

    Diana P.
  • “At a very difficult time in your life it is so wonderful to have a such a great lawyer.”

    Linda V.
  • “My experience with Barbara Cusumano is exceptional.”

    Bev De Mario
  • “I am very pleased with the way Barbara has guided me through the tough legal times I had to unfortunately face.”

  • “From the moment I met Barbara, I knew I was in good hands.”

    Dan Blandon-Hendrix
  • “We could not have made a better choice in seeking legal counsel than Barbara Cusumano.”

    Mr. and Mrs. C.
  • “Now I am debt free. Thanks for the wonderful service. If it was such a thing I would give you 10 stars.”

  • “I highly recommend Mrs. Cusumano”

    Rob Y.
  • “I really appreciated all of Barbara's advice and help.”

  • “Barbara get 5 stars from me”

    Glenda M.
  • “So would I recommend her, oh yes! Thank you so much for making our life so much easier!!”

    Sandy D.
  • “You have certainly changed my life!”

    P.A. Harris
  • “She was able to answer every single question the client and I had...”

    R. White



Congratulations! You have taken the first step toward a financial fresh start! My name is Barbara Cusumano and I am a debt relief and bankruptcy attorney located in Gainesville, Florida. For the past 25 years, it has been my pleasure to help individuals, business owners, friends, and clients throughout Florida obtain financial freedom through bankruptcy. I offer ONLINE and in person bankruptcy services.

I have extensive experience handling the following cases:


What sets me apart from other attorneys is my compassion, extensive experience, accessibility, and ability to communicate clearly. I am easy to talk to; I am a good listener; I will promptly respond to your phone calls, texts, and emails; and I will treat you with dignity, kindness, and respect.

I also file cases statewide and online. I work around your schedule – you never have to miss work again for an appointment.


Whether you have questions about Chapter 7 bankruptcy, Chapter 13 bankruptcy, business bankruptcy, or any other issue pertaining to debt relief, you can call my Gainesville law firm today. Together, we can find the debt relief solution that is right for you.

I will respond promptly to your phone calls, texts, and emails. Take the first step toward a financial fresh start: Call (352) 379-2828 or send me a message online today!

  • Dozens of 5-Star Client Ratings

  • File Online – Never Leave Your Home or Office

  • Reasonable Flat Fees

  • Payment Plans Available

  • 25 Years of Experience

  • Local and Trusted Attorney

Is Bankruptcy Right for You?

Federal bankruptcy laws are designed to help Americans like you recover from debt and rebuild your credit. Whether you have questions about Chapter 7 bankruptcy, Chapter 13 bankruptcy, business bankruptcy, or any other issue pertaining to debt relief, you can call my Gainesville law firm today. I can answer your questions and help you determine whether you qualify for bankruptcy.

Bankruptcy is a time-honored, legal way to discharge debt and enable hardworking Americans and business owners to obtain a financial fresh start. I promise you that bankruptcy is not the end but a new beginning! The two most common responses I have received from my clients is that, "I wish that I filed years ago," and, "You are not like other attorneys…you are so nice and so good at what you do."

Barbara Cusumano, Attorney at Law is a law practice centered on your needs and dedicated to helping you obtain a financial fresh start. Don't wait. Call my bankruptcy law office today to schedule a confidential consultation, either in person or over the phone, whatever is better for you.

Filing bankruptcy may:

  • Eliminate your credit card debt!
  • Stop home foreclosures!
  • Stop harassing phone calls!
  • Stop lawsuits and garnishments!
  • Help you catch up with or modify your mortgage!
  • Eliminate second mortgages!
  • Allow you to restructure your business!
  • Rebuild your credit!
  • Get out of debt in as little as 90 days

I Devote All of My experience to Get you Out of Debt

I understand that hard times can fall on good people and that there is nothing more stressful than financial pressure. I also understand that catastrophic events such as a divorce, job loss, a downturn in the economy, or medical emergencies can trigger a sudden financial downward spiral. There is nothing more important than restoring your peace of mind and regaining your financial freedom and peace of mind.

Has your home value gone down? Is your home worth less than the mortgages on it? In certain circumstances, you may have the legal option of stripping away (totally discharging) second mortgages off of your homestead property. Call me today! I can show you how mortgage is one of several reasons why filing a chapter 13 bankruptcy is often a very good option for homeowners.


Are you suffering under the burden of overwhelming debt? Don't go another day without pursuing the financial freedom you deserve. I truly love helping clients achieve a fresh start and the stability and security they may previously have thought impossible. I can provide real debt relief solutions that apply to your particular situation. What are your financial objectives? I want to help you achieve them. As a Florida bankruptcy attorney, my goal is to lift the burden from your shoulders and offer you hope in the midst of the stressful circumstances you face.

Barbara Cusumano

I Will Devote all of my Experience, Resources and Heart to Protect YOU and Get YOU Out of Debt!

With 25 years of experience, I bring my clients a personalized level of service that most have never before received from an attorney. The men and women I assist have direct access to me and I promptly respond to phone calls, texts, and emails. Barbara Cusumano, Attorney at Law is a law practice centered on your needs and getting you the financial fresh start that you deserve.

When you hire me as your attorney, I will go the extra mile to explain and walk you through the legal process, ensure that you maximize the retention of your assets, discharge as much debt as possible, and help you prepare for life after bankruptcy. Over the years, the most frequent response that I have received from my clients is that they wished that they had filed years ago. And, within a relatively short period of time, most of my clients were able to rebuild their credit.

Don't wait. Call my bankruptcy law office to schedule a confidential consultation. Your fresh financial start is right around the corner.

Attorney Cusumano's Commitment to Excellence

  • Google Five Star Ratings
  • Matindale-Hubbell - Peer Rated for High Professional Achievement
  • Federal Bar Association, Northern District of Florida
  • Eighth Judicial Bar Association
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