My priority is to relieve your stress, discharge your debt and help rebuild your credit
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Gainesville Bankruptcy Attorney & Lawyer Barbara Cusumano

I Know That It Can Be Intimidating to Speak With a Bankruptcy Lawyer.

My clients frequently feel so overwhelmed and defeated. Many feel like they failed somehow and that their credit is ruined forever.
Nothing could be farther from the truth.

Bankruptcy is Truly Not the End But a New Beginning – a Fresh Start!

The most common responses that I hear after the first initial consultation are:
“I feel so much better.”
“You have lifted such a burden off of my shoulders.”
“I wish that I had contacted you so much sooner!”

I Have Helped Thousands of Clients Throughout Florida Discharge Millions of Dollars of Debt and Rebuild Their Credit.

I can help you too.

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Gainesville, Florida Bankruptcy Attorney

Barbara Cusumano, Attorney at Law: Your Trusted Bankruptcy Attorney

Congratulations! You have taken the first step toward a financial fresh start! My name is Barbara Cusumano and I am a debt relief and bankruptcy attorney located in Gainesville, Florida. For the past 25 years, it has been my pleasure to help individuals, business owners, friends, and clients throughout Central and North Florida obtain financial freedom through bankruptcy. I offer ONLINE and in person bankruptcy services.

I have extensive experience handling the following cases:

I Take the Stress Out of Filing for Bankruptcy.

What sets me apart from other attorneys is my compassion, extensive experience, accessibility, and ability to communicate clearly. I am easy to talk to; I am a good listener; I will promptly respond to your phone calls, texts, and emails; and I will treat you with dignity, kindness, and respect. You are not alone and I can help!

I also file cases statewide and online. I work around your schedule – you never have to miss work again for an appointment.

You Deserve a Fresh Start. Let’s Get Started Today!

Whether you have questions about Chapter 7 bankruptcy, Chapter 13 bankruptcy, business bankruptcy, or any other issue pertaining to debt relief, you can call my Gainesville bankruptcy law firm today. Together, we can find the debt relief solution that is right for you.

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Take The First Step Toward a Financial Fresh Start!

I will respond promptly to your phone calls, texts, and emails. Call or send me a message online today!

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Is Bankruptcy Right For You?

Federal bankruptcy laws were designed to help Americans just like you to recover from overwhelming debt and help rebuild their financial lives and credit. There is absolutely no shame is seeking the legal bankruptcy help that you so deserve. Bankruptcy Attorney Barbara Cusumano can answer your questions and help you determine whether you qualify for bankruptcy.

Bankruptcy is a time-honored, legal way to discharge debt and enable hardworking Americans and business owners to obtain a financial fresh start. Bankruptcy is truly not the end, but a fresh start and a new beginning! The two most common responses Barbara has received from her clients are, “I wish that I filed years ago” and, “You are not like other attorneys…. you are so kind and so good at what you do.”

Barbara Cusumano, Attorney at Law is a law practice centered on your needs and dedicated to helping you obtain a financial fresh start. Don’t wait. Call my bankruptcy law office today to schedule your confidential consultation, either in person, over the phone or via teleconferencing, whatever is best for you.

Filing bankruptcy may:

  • Eliminate your credit card debt!
  • Stop home foreclosures!
  • Save your home!
  • Stop harassing phone calls!
  • Stop lawsuits and garnishments!
  • Help you catch up with (or modify) your mortgage!
  • Eliminate second mortgages!
  • Rebuild your credit!
  • Get you out of debt in as little as 90 days!

I Devote All of My Experience to Get You out of Debt

I understand that hard times can fall on good people and that there is nothing more stressful than financial pressure. I also understand that catastrophic events such as a divorce, job loss, a downturn in the economy, Covid-19, or medical emergencies can trigger a sudden financial downward spiral. There is nothing more important than restoring your peace of mind and regaining your financial freedom.

Your Road to Financial Freedom Starts Today

Are you suffering under the burden of overwhelming debt? Being harassed by creditors? Are you at your breaking point? Don’t go another day without pursuing the financial freedom that you so deserve. I truly love helping my clients achieve a fresh start. As a Florida bankruptcy attorney, my goal is to lift the financial burden from your shoulders and help you obtain a financial fresh start. You deserve it!

I have spent over twenty-five years helping clients navigate through bankruptcy, discharge millions of dollars of debt, and obtain their much needed financial fresh starts. I can help you too!

I offer stress-free online bankruptcy filings so that you never have to miss work or have multiple office visits to get your case filed. I will make the process as fast and stress-free as possible. I will tailor a bankruptcy package that meets your needs and I offer payment plans to all of my clients.

Barbara Cusumano is Committed to Your Financial Fresh Start!

I Will Devote all my Experience, Resources and Time to Protect YOU and Get YOU Out of Debt!

Attorney Cusumano’s Commitment to Excellence

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Our focus is relieving your stress, protecting your hard-earned assets, discharging your debt within 90 days and helping you re-build your credit, just as soon as possible.

Our law firm is unique. Barbara Cusumano, Attorney at Law is a woman owned and run law firm centered on your legal needs and getting you the financial fresh start that you so deserve. We are extremely accessible, kind and compassionate to you, but tough on your creditors. You will always communicate directly with an experienced bankruptcy lawyer (not paralegals or secretaries) and Barbara is always available via email, phone calls or texts. Most bankruptcy law firms run mills and you rarely, if ever, have direct contact with an attorney. You deserve so much better! Our clients truly become our friends.

Barbara Cusumano is known by bankruptcy judges, creditors and trustees throughout Central and North Florida for her no-nonsense strength and deep compassion for her clients. A local bankruptcy trustee once said, “I have never seen a lawyer get so many hugs and thank you’s after the creditors’ meetings/court dates than Barbara does!”

When you hire me as your attorney, I will go the extra mile to clearly explain the process and walk you through the legal steps every step of the way. I am always just a phone call, email or text away. I will make sure that you keep your protected assets, discharge as much debt as possible, help rebuild your credit and prepare you for life after bankruptcy.

Over the last 25 years, the most frequent response that I have received from my clients is that they wished that they had filed years ago. Not only do we get your debt wiped away (discharged) within 90 days, we also help rebuild and increase your credit score within a year of filing. You may even qualify for a home mortgage or mortgage refinance within two years of filing Chapter 7 bankruptcy. There truly is a difference between lawyers and law firms.

Don’t wait. Call my bankruptcy law office to schedule a confidential consultation. Your fresh financial start is right around the corner! I am here to help you!

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