Your local and trusted Gainesville Bankruptcy Attorney, Barbara Cusumano, is dedicated to helping you rebuild your credit after bankruptcy. It can be done! Many of our clients’ credit scores go up between 50 and 100 points within 12 months of their Chapter 7 bankruptcy discharge!

It seems counterintuitive — if a person files for Chapter 7 bankruptcy, how can their credit score improve? It all truly depends on the attorney working on your behalf. Not all bankruptcy attorneys are the same! Any lawyer can say that they are a bankruptcy lawyer, but not all are truly experienced in helping their clients rebuild their credit after bankruptcy. When Barbara Cusumano files bankruptcy on behalf of her clients, she puts ALL of her clients in the best possible position to jump start their credit score post-filing.

How Do I Improve My Credit Score After Filing Chapter 7 Bankruptcy?

Barbara personally prepares every Chapter 7 Bankruptcy, not relying on paralegals or legal assistants. She works closely with every client to make sure that all their debts are properly scheduled. She also reviews and imports a tri-merge credit report (at no extra charge to her clients) and works tirelessly to list and explain the debt in such a way that there should be no objections or issues.

Through her 25+ years of experience, Barbara Cusumano has access to bankruptcy specific addresses for most credit card companies. She also personally knows many of the local credit union and bank decision makers and their attorneys. Barbara Cusumano is experienced and respected by judges, bankruptcy trustees and creditors. Her experience, technical knowledge and reputation puts her clients in the best possible position to discharge their debt in as little as 90 days and rebuild their credit within a year!

Cost of Credit Rebuilding After Chapter 7 Bankruptcy

Barbara Cusumano also offers her clients, FREE OF CHARGE, a post-filing, step-by-step, credit rebuilding program. Our specialized credit rebuilding program provides industry specific knowledge on how to rebuild your credit score after bankruptcy. Barbara shares this insider knowledge with her clients in a clear, concise and understandable manner. You are self-paced and can access the information at any time. And, Barbara is always available to answer questions.

This credit rebuilding program has helped thousands of people improve their credit scores after bankruptcy. The program has a $1,000 value, provided at no charge to our clients. Since we started offering this program to our clients, it has helped so many of them get their credit scores back in the 700 range within 12-24 months of filing bankruptcy. Many clients qualified for home mortgages and refinances at the 24-month mark after their bankruptcy discharge. This credit rebuilding program can help you, too!

You Deserve a Financial Fresh Start

Call, text or email Barbara Cusumano, Attorney at Law, today to start on your path to financial freedom and a much-improved credit score. You deserve it and we are here to help! Bankruptcy is truly not the end but a new beginning.